Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines…Steel meets Metal in explosive mix of rock, high octane fuel, lace, leather and mean machines. We’re on the move!

The Dawning

We have had some experience with fan promotions within the Rammstein USA fan club over the years, with Street Teams and the organization of different fan events, but with the newly formed project, LINDEMANN, we saw the opportunity to really spread our wings. When we created the Lindemann USA Facebook page and accompanying website, we decided to go full out and make the world’s best fan-based promotion to go with it.

Let’s take it to the next level

In time for the release of the album, “Skills in Pills”, we launched step one of our promotion project, where our producer put together an amazing collaboration between BRATVA MC — a New York based, first Russian motorcycle club in USA — UNDERDOG Video Productions, an assortment of talented artists and a dedicated production team to create something that would start our promotion with a bang!

The result is a blend of metal, steel, fire and passion; exactly what we wanted. We set out to be seen, heard, smelled and felt, leaving no one untouched and with a lingering taste of high octane fuel in their mouths…

Let’s start a revolution, baby…

We started our campaign with a kick start, and we have the momentum. Welcome to the new way of promotion, and this is just the beginning. Where will we go next? One thing is certain – you ain’t seen nothing yet!