Do you want a copy of Skills in Pills, signed by Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren? Then take part in our #SkillsInTreasureHunt Campaign! Search, snap and come up with a clever slogan, enter and win! X marks the spot. HUNT ON!



  • 2 SIGNED Skills in Pills CD (Best Buy Special Edition).
  • SIGNED Skills in Pills CD (Standard Edition)

Three winners will be selected. The most creative, complete submissions win. Campaign available for US residents or dwellers only. We can only ship within US borders. Competition arranged by Warner Bros and Lindemann USA. All decisions are final.

Two winning submissions will each get a SIGNED Skills in Pills CD (Best Buy Special Edition).

Runner up will get a SIGNED Skills in Pills CD (Standard Edition).


The Rules for the Treasure Hunt Challenge

  1. Photo or Video: A LINDEMANN/WARNER BROS promotional Skills in Pills poster, CD or other Lindemann Official item [from Lindemann store: ].
  2. Photo or Video: Find and snapshot a Swedish item (IKEA or VOLVO does NOT count) in your area. It should be clear that it is Swedish.
  3. Photo or Video: Find and snapshot a German food item. Menu, frozen or from your own fridge does not matter, but it should be clear that it is German. Baking a sponge cake and slapping on a German flag won’t do.

Along with the items, the picture should include any or all of these:

a). Yourself (selfie, video)

b). A newspaper with a clear date on it

c). Street sign or similar, showing your location.

It should be clear that the picture is taken within the stipulated timeframe. Rips from Google, old pictures or borrowed pictures will automatically disqualify the participant.

  1. Write a short slogan for Skills in Pills (In English, please).
  2. Post your Treasures on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook under the tags #Lindemann #SkillsInPills #LindemannUSA #SkillsInTreasureHunt before the end of the stipulated time. Make sure your settings are on “public” so that we can see them, that they are tagged correctly and that the submissions are posted from the same account.

Example of the entry:


The treasure hunt campaign will run from Thursday the 23th of July until Thursday the 8th of August, midnight West Coast time. Winners will be presented the 9th of August on LINDEMANN USA Facebook and via Facebook PM.