Kaaos TV conducted an interview with Swedish multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtrgren before PAIN’s August 28 performance at Seinäjoki Metal Fest in Seinäjoki, Finland.

A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On LINDEMANN, his collaboration with RAMMSTEIN frontman Till Lindemann:

“We just got back doing a second video for it now. I got back two days ago. It’s gonna be something else again.

On LINDEMANN‘s plans to perform live:

“Mainly, it is that we have to see if the promoters are interested in it, and how should we do it? Should we do it huge, or should we do it very small club punk rock? We don’t know anything yet. So we’re still collecting info from our promoter. He’s throwing out some lines here and there to see who is interested and what can we expect, and where will we be on the bill? Will we play in the bar, or in the tent or on the main stage? We need to know these things before we start planning: ‘Okay, are we gonna go crazy with the stage, or should we go very small?’ It’s still a little bit too early to know.”

“I think if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna be festivals. That’s what I think right now. Everything changes constantly between me and [Till]. So you never know. Maybe tomorrow we’re gonna play on the moon. So, we never know. We’ll find out… It’s better not to say too much until we know for sure. But I hope that we’re gonna go out and play.”